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Hemet, CA
reply to Glen T

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 --- What benifits over W7-64?

said by Glen T:

The same thing happened with the ribbon bar in MS Office. Given the choice, most users would not use it. Why? Because, for experienced users, it actually reduces their productivity. The ribbon bar is still having a negative impact on my productivity in programs like Excel.

This is a marketing decision, not a usability decision. The interface formerly known as Metro is a one-size-fits-none solution imposed by a company that is once again releasing a "Me Too" product that is too little and too late. The only way that they can ensure adoption is to impose adoption on hapless desktop users.

I agree completely - I hate the ribbon bar and Metro and I don't see any reason to have to forget everything I know about Windows and Office every time somebody in Redmond get's the bright idea to change the interface for no reason that benefits the customer. As far as I'm concerned Metro is MS Bob 2013 and will have exactly the same level of acceptance in the corporate world.
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