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·T-Mobile US
reply to elefante72

Re: Straight Talk

said by elefante72:

It's not unlimited either. There is some chatter that if you become one of the 5% ers on a tower, they will throttle you to dialup,
For AT&T, Straighttalk is the best right now if you can live with random throttling.
For TMo, Tmo $30, and I hear Solavei will use Tmo towers.
Verizon - Only pageplus. And that's $55 for 2GB but only works w/ 3G phones (using LTE phones a real challenge).
Gophone only has crappy smartphones, so this is more of a check the box until they get some real phones.

None of the prepaids are truly unlimited they all throttle you the question is when.
I agree if you want ATT service without the ATT price hop on the straight talk train.
The jury is still out on Solavei, I hope they succeed but so far it looks to be a MLM scheme in the making.
Verizons own prepaid unlimited (not pageplus) ..Phones that should make you laugh at how far behind they are in technology. That was done for a reason, so on one would want it.
GO phone service well yes ther normal phones offered are almost as bad as Verizons, the plus is you could use any GSM phone you want thats compatible with ATT network, cant do that with Verizon.

Funny thing is ...I have a friend that before this Offer was and still is using a Smartphone on ATT gophones $50 plan, even though they stated you cant do that unless you have the extra data plan. All ATT did was throttle his connection to under 256K.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
I was talking about MVNO, but IMHO the only prepaid main line to even look at is Tmo. The others are just check boxes.

The problem w/ ST is that unlike the others you have absolutely no idea what the trigger is for throttle. The other major ones sorta tell you where it is. VM used to be unlimited, now after 2.5 it throttles. Some people say it's too much in one day, or too much in a month, and that ST doesn't do the throttle, the main line does. So some people want Tmo ST vs AT&T, however the coverage varies between the two. In fact there are even ST Verizon phones.

Verizon by far is the most hostile to MVNO's, so they are truly the premium brand. Tmo and Sprint are the best for MVNO so much so that postpaid Sprint is questionable unless you are a massive data user. While there are VZ MVNO, they are mostly targeted to the flip phone sector...Only PPC The 55 is the 2GB/data plan out there, but again only on older 3G phones unless you muck w/ the LTE ones.

There are lots of gotchas out there, so do your homework.


Superior, WI
Tmo is a good prepaid, but only in certain situations. If your area does not have a ton of tmo towers, and you roam on AT&T too much, tmo kicks you off. Also, if you have a gsm iPhone, you cannot use tmo's 3G network unless they have turned on 1900mhz spectrum in your area or you bought it from them. Up where I live, tmobile hardly exists, and they have only towers in town, which covers only about a 5 mile radius thanks to the hills).