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River City Bounce
Brooklyn, NY
reply to winsyrstrife

Re: $65 seems like a lot

thanks for the replies.

I'm out of contract, so my options are open. I have an HTC Sensation, and from what I've read, it seems to work on the prepaid services. My wife has my HTC Shadow hand-me-down, so I'll need to get another phone for her. I'm considering the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit.

The $30 plan seems like it can only be completed online or at Walmart, and it looks like a headache to get the plan activated and port an existing postpaid phone number, reading the T-Mobile forums. I'm preparing to buy the SIM cards through the T-mobile store.
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Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI

If your out of contract you just need to call Tmobile and get into a better plan. Looks like you are still under the contract plans. The out of contract plans have become cheaper about 3 years ago.

I pay $75 for 2 phones(after taxes). Both get 200MB of data at $5 each, 1 gets unlimited text message for another $5. This is 1000 shared minutes family plan (so to speak). You can turn on and off these features over the web.

Typically I don't have internet on my phone until I am about to make a road trip.
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