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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON

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reply to mlord

Re: I wonder what the cause of the 02.08 problem actually is?

said by mlord:

One idea, is that it's related to the hourly DHCP renewals that Rogers is switching to in several areas. I wonder if perhaps the 02.08 firmware doesn't deal well with DHCP renewals.. not much of an issue for month-long renewals like we used to get, but with hourly renewals perhaps..

The general theory until now is that the hourly DHCP renewals are put in for areas undergoing upgrade to 4 channel upstream bonding, and that Rogers switches the area back to 7 day renewals after the upgrade is complete. You'll see some mention of that in the 4-channel bonding threads.

The problem with the 2.08 firmware? Who knows.. Last year, or more like the summer of 2011, it was believed that the 2.08 firmware was actually causing some disconnect problems. Like, the 2.08 firmware didn't work well with some CMTSs, in particular associated with Brampton. I think this is the main thread:
»Modem Reset Everyday in Brampton + Slow Download Speeds

Here's another:
»[Cable] BRAMPTON Disconnects DCM 475

Edit: TSI Martin should be able to confirm exactly though