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reply to Sandy T

Re: HughesNet Gen4 Buyer Beware

I understand Sandy T. I've been lied to since day 1. I've called Hughesnet and the local Hughesnet seller Entersource and have been mislead on both ends. I was going to get excede when I started my service a month ago, but they guaranteed me Hughesnet was going to be fast and they would waive the $199.99 setup fee because I was already a customer. They told me they had been to conferences and trainings on it and it was guaranteed. Did they follow through with it when I called back again? NO. I was even told my first month would be waived when I was first looking into signing up with Hughesnet. When I went to sign up the next day they told me that it is impossible and that their are "no notes" on my account to back up this claim.

Now here we are with gen 4. I called Entersource and they said call Hughesnet. I call Hughesnet and I'm told it is impossible and there are "no notes" to back up this claim. I had went to entersource multiple times and even talked to the VP and they told me "No need for notes to be added. It will happen automatically guaranteed! This was promised to me by the VP, the saleswoman and the installer. I even talked to another salesman there a few days later who also guaranteed it . Now all Im hear is that stupid comment of cant do it and no notes mentioning I was told that again. I'm starting to regret the day I ever signed up.


Salvisa, KY
What you hear from a re-seller isn't always going to be what the corporate entity allows. A re-seller is nothing but a re-seller. They have no control what so ever over costs. They usually get paid incentive per each customer, so chances are, they are lieing out the rear end to get you to sign up through them instead of the actual company or another seller.

Never take a resellers words, always do your research when buying.