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Webster Springs, WV
reply to wirelessdog

Re: Line issue

always frontier/citizens - ran for initial 2 years with no issues after they got it working - frontier did campaign to boost user base and oversold capacity three years ago and things have not been right since- have stack of line quality tests - pings / multiple speed tests and a stack of documentation that is 4 to 5 inches thick. All shared w/ frontier tech at their request. It's not the local techs - it's local management and up. Stir it up enough and it gets fixed for a couple of days then back to same.

everything indicates issues at local office and Bluefield (hub). Lines were all replaced several years ago when that bad ice storm hit east coast. Weather is not normally an issue but the squirrels did get the lines once. From the outside service boxes (2 - because we carried 2 lines for years) it's about 15 feet to gateway and all systems are hardwired with quality Cat 6 cables. Speeds and latency bounce all over.

the yahoo thing is what has pushed the issue.

Tech people saw our equip and records show it is not our equip. - Alienware MX17's, MacBook Pro and custom built desktops w/ EVGA motherboards / graphics caeds & max ram on all.

very remote about 3 miles from T1 w/ 5 homes fed including us. Other T1 leading into area is full ( 12 )
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This is a sub-selection from Line issue