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[HN7000S] single site connection problem

Suddenly, a couple of weeks back, after years of successful online banking, I found I couldn't do online banking to one of my banks (my other bank and all other sites are OK). It goes like this: I can log on and the first page appears for a few seconds, but then the page goes blank with the trying-to-connect arrow whirling. Connection never returns.

Other facts: The problem happens on both our Macs, but not on my Windows Netbook. However, if I take my Mac laptop to any other ISP but Hughes, I can do online banking, with no problem. The bank says it's my problem because I can log on using other ISPs. Hughes can't find a problem with my connection (HN7000S) so they have no suggestions.

Anyone had a similar problem (Mac—>Hughes—>one website)?


Salvisa, KY
Perhaps the Turbo Page Proxy system is causing an issue with that bank website?

Could you explain what that is?

reply to C0RR0SIVE
Could you explain what that is?

West Mich.
reply to jaberoo
Hughesnet won't seem to acknowledge DNS and turbo page problems. It is however a system wide problem. I don't think that secure sites (https) use web acceleration.

Have you tried using a different browser ?
There have been times where when using IE with Hughesnet I couldn't log in but it worked using Opera.

I've tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome (the bank says they don't support Chrome) with the same result. Haven't tried Opera yet.