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Seattle, WA

Norton Security Suite - Deactivate old computers

Hi all,

I was helping someone who has comcast at my place to install Norton Security Suite only and before it started to activate it opened norton website and listed all computers that I don't own anymore. After I've removed the one the list was gone and I don't how to access it.

I've tried chat with Norton and they suggested to call comcast??? It was on norton site that showed the list.

Does anyone know where to go on norton site in order to remove old computers?

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If you were installing the Comcast supplied version of Norton Security Suite, that is probably why you were told to contact Comcast, because Comcast uses a customized version of the Norton product.

My guess is that you had already installed the maximum number of "free" Norton licenses on your account (Business Class accounts get up to 25 licenses, but I don't know what the number is for residential accounts), and that was why you were presented the screen that allowed you to deactivate unused licenses. Once you deactivated one of the old licenses, you then had an open license that you could use, so you did not see that screen again. Probably if you try to install another copy of that same Norton product, you will once again be shown the screen from which you can deactivate unused licenses.
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Seattle, WA

Thanks for the reply!

That's exactly what happened but I was wondering if there was a url that I can go to and manually delete all of those unused computers but it looks like there isn't one which is kinda stupid.