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Actiontec V1000h unbridge mode how ?

I would like to unbridge my telus modem ,
I had used the advanced setup page but can't access currently .
do I have to plug in to the modem lan port to access it ?
had telus call me about my slow speeds they noticed a 900KBs while am really only getting 200KBs.
Should I just reset the modem now ? would this be easier ?
am thinking the telus guy will also update firmware .

any info kicking out there , I did try good and search function but just way too much of the same thing popping up


I can't remember the details on how to unbridge it, but as long as you don't mind redoing your settings the reset button on the back will work.

You press and hold the button for 10 seconds and after you release it the modem will reboot and go back to its factory defaults.


reply to papachimera
thanks I ended up resetting anyways ,
don't like the way it's set up now .
and turned out it's a line issue I have atm , waiting for a "bucket" truck to come on down and start finding all the bad lines .
repair guy said 3 out of 4 lines were all dead , and 4th was so flaky it's amazing I even have internet. so ya am on the fourth line and waiting.

Currently have my router Dlink 4500 features turned off and telus handling all the ip's , it works doesn't seem to be causing issues .