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Hardware recommendation for 6mile PTP through a few trees

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Looking to connect a remote DVR system to another office.
Would also like to share internet connection over this, so the more bandwidth the better.

The tx site is on a roof at 40ft, not clearing local tree line.
The rx site is on a 75ft tower, clearing local tree line.

The assumption is the tx site will hit a few trees local to that site. Anyone care to recommend what type of PTP station and antenna might do the trick through some trees?

The link calc shown was for 900mhz, assuming that is what I would have to use?

(Edit: Obviously the better option is to get more height on the tx side, but looking for a temporary solution, if there is one)


Rosston, TX
Link looks clean for 900, so would work good for the much smaller clearance needed at 5.8 GHz.

John Galt
Forward, March
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reply to TheHox
The local trees are a big issue. You must get higher. Consider using a push-up mast to gain additional height.

I'd give these a try...

»dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/airgridm/ ··· _web.pdf

»www.streakwave.com/Itemdesc.asp? ··· 27-HP-US

These devices are pretty light so they would be easy to use on a push-up. If you can spare the gain and aiming is an issue, then drop back to the 23 dB units as the beamwidth will be wider, and easier to aim.

You don't tell us where you are so consideration would have to be given to wind and ice load, if applicable, and the general 'noise' if you live near a populated area.
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Enterprise, OR
reply to TheHox
I have seen some good links on Ubiquiti 900 mhz, I would recommend a pair of ubiquiti 900 mhz Rocket and their dual polarity yagi antenna. At that distance, even with some occulsion you could get 20 mbps or more...


Thanks for the ideas. Going to order a bunch of stuff and play with it all and see what works the best. Some 5ghz airgrid and maybe try the ubnt 900 too.