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Carrollton, GA

Earthlink Phone & DSL ADSL2+ Service No Longer Sold By EL

I learned today that Earthlink no longer offers ADSL2+ Phone and DSL service. I have had Earthlink Phone and DSL 8Mbps/1Mbps service for several years now and I still do. It's GREAT when it works, and it works over 99.9% of the time. When I called Earthlink today to inquire about having the service installed at my Mom's house a few blocks away, I was told that Earthlink no longer sold any Phone and DSL service packages. I was told that I could now only order DSL from Earthlink on an active voice line. (Line Sharing)

I wonder how long it will be before I am contacted by Earthlink and told that my account is being cancelled and I have X number of days to port my phone number to another phone service provider or loose it forever.

I will then be forced to go back to AT&T phone service (which I despise) in order to downgrade my speed to Earthlink 6Mbps with line sharing; or I could go with Charter Cable and bundle it with their phone service or get Vonage or some other VOIP service.

Hopefully, I am worried about nothing and I will get to keep Earthlink Voice and DSL service under grandfathering or such. I'm afraid though that my days as an Earthlink DSL and Phone service customer are numbered since the service can no longer be ordered.

I'm betting that Earthlink dropping their Phone and DSL service has something to do with the Covad and MegaPath merger. I wonder if Earthlink is now provisioning any new customers using MegaPath. Does anyone that reads this forum have any additional information on the subject? I am curious to hear any news on the matter.