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Des Moines, IA

[IA] Speeds are horribly low

I go through certain periods where speeds are slow on the net. That's fine, I know it can't be perfect all the time. The last 4 days or so though I'm getting download speeds that are incredibly low at anytime of the day. As of now Im getting speeds anywhere from 1.8mbps to as low as 310k even in the wee hours of the morning(ran a speed test a couple minutes ago now up to 2.15mpbs at 3 am in the morning) the last 4 days at any time of the day.

Modem -- Motorola Surfboard SBG 901 with wireless disabled

I am hardline connected to a network(me and one other computer) with wifi disabled (D-Link Router DIR-825)

Speedtest at 3:30am with the other computer asleep

This has just become ridiculous. I'm a gamer and can't even do that right now. To watch any video on youtube I have to basically wait ten minutes or more(usually more) for it to download just so I can watch a video.

A good day I get 28mbps, an average day I get 16mbps or a little less, and right now I am averaging less than 1mbps.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
I completely understand your frustration with the speed issues you are having. I will be happy to look into this for you. Can you send me an IM with your account or phone number?