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Kent, WA
·Clearwire Wireless

Can't watch video's and stream on a 40GB cap

There is no way in Hell a person can stream video's and only use no more than 40GB of bandwidth per month. That is just not possible at all. Why it was just last month that I used 300GB of bandwidth. I had used up 75GB just in the first week alone of last month. Hughes will be a whole lot slower because your so far away from satellite and way much closer to the Cellular and WiMAX tower. A satellite in orbit has an altitude around 30 miles or so from the ground vs a WiMAX or cellular tower being just a few miles away from you. 1 to 5 miles from a land based tower vs 30 or so miles from a satellite.

West Tenness
Actually a satellite is 22,000 miles in space not 30 miles. 30 miles isn't even space. Also the latency on satellite is about a second. Which doesn't make one bit difference with something like streaming a movie.


reply to floydb1982
Perhaps you would be best to get DirecTV and use that for your movie. With users like you, 300GB or greater per month, you should be throttled. This is why the FAP is in place.