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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

Dangerous precedent!

Unrestricted tracking is a dangerous precedent because the government can get it wrong from who you call. Say you have a friend that is a member of your computer club and you call them regularly for computer related discussions. The same friend unknown to you is a member of an organization declared by the government a terrorist organization. So the government can use the subterfuge that you are talking to a person that is a member of an organization declared as a terrorist organization, as an excuse to monitor your conversations. Then comes the fishing expeditions. You might suddenly find yourself suddenly the subject of various investigations unrelated to terrorism, such as who you donate money to, your tax returns. etc.

The most clever scumbag using naming names to track his victims social contacts during the Red Scare, that he created, was Republican Senator Joe McCarthy. Now the government can determine your social contacts automatically without a senate investigation.