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Troy, MI
reply to adam1991

Re: WOW could use some faster speeds - PC MAG

said by adam1991:

that's what I meant when I said WOW is a huge value. Value is not price alone. Value involves a price component, but it's not defined by price--never mind what the marketers want you to think by calling their cheapest crap "value priced".

I tend to agree with Adam on this point. WOW's value in the marketplace is not that they are a bleeding edge high-speed internet provider, it's that they provide a good service at a reasonable price. Let other other companies lead the "speed" race. I understand the argument that if we as consumers don't push technology then we are stifling innovation, but that's not WOW's chosen place in the market. If Netflix were to start 1080p streaming that necessitated a 30 Mbps connection - and as a result demand for higher speeds increased and demand for 2 Mbps connections dropped - then I'm guessing WOW would react to this demand and reconfigure its offerings. Same idea with upload speeds. Most consumers don't care... 1 Mbps upload is fine for uploading pics to Facebook and online gaming. I'm sure people who use something like SlingBox a lot would appreciate higher upload speeds, but what % of consumers are avid SlingBox users? WOW's objective isn't to cater to the fringe users. If you are that person, you have the option to upgrade to one of WOW's higher priced offerings or go elsewhere if it better suits your needs.

And yes, please fix Ultra TV. It's been so long since the last update. Shaw Cable customers in Canada are getting more frequent updates to the firmware/software to their equivalent Arris WHDVR. Where is the "2.0" upgrade that Arris announced back in May? (Shaw doesn't have that update yet either, FTR.)


even that 3 up can be a bottleneck when you have multiple users in the house. i have more than 1 game system along with other users going regularly and can easily see a difference when im online by myself vs online with more users. with 1mb, more than 1 ps3 going was crap. 3mb is better, but i would still prefer at least 5 for some extra cushion. would i enjoy the 50/5? yes. but is it worth it to me to pay an extra $20/month when i dont need the extra down speed? no.