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Ruffs Dale, PA
reply to Don69Fire

Re: [Classes] Monks???

After a few days out of town I found enough time to knock out 90 on the monk and run several heroics and scenarios.

Havent messed with the healing aspect much aside from 2 scenarios that really didnt need healing, but the windwalker I'm becoming rather profficient at. My only complaint atm is the lack of energy regen while in meh gear(ilvl448ish) I'm far from hit and exp caps aatm but I have been pulling pretty decent damage through heroics with guildies that were near full heroic geared. Not sure if they are missing something with new class play, or that Monks are jsut really strong atm?

Monk aoe once ramped up(3stack tiger palm/ blackout kick up) is awesome. The nice thing is you can keep the tigers palm up between most trash and boses pretty easily.

Class feels refreshing for now I'm sure the newness will wear off soon enough, but I am enjoying it over old rogue(sub) play style. My only gripe is not cancelling flying serpent kick and flying off a few cliffs along the way. I could glyph to prevent that but meh

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Dodge, NE
dont you just hit the same key a second time to stop?


Ruffs Dale, PA
yes, but sometimes I dont want to go far at all, and I hit it so fast it doesnt register the instant stop, I need to find a potential macro for times I dotn want to travel and jsut want the damage.