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VDSL Availibility - Possible Bell Database Error?

Hello Everyone,

I have been eagerly awaiting the availability of VDSL 25/10 service in my neighborhood ever since Teksavvy was able to start offering it last year. I have been checking the availability a couple times a month both on Teksavvy’s web site and on Bell Canada’s website but as of yet they both list my address as being ineligible. Bell’s site says I can only get 6/1 and Teksavvy’s site says I can only get 10/1 and 6/1. I assumed Bell had not yet got around to upgrading my neighborhood. A couple days ago I found out that many people on my street and on streets near me have 25/10 service or other related services (ie Bell’s Fiber TV service) for over six months. I got curious and started looking up addresses around me and it seems that everywhere around me is eligible but I am not. The only area not eligible is my house and my immediate three to four neighbors on either side. All the houses further than four away, across the street and, most incredibly, the houses behind me who share the same telephone poles since my lines are at the back of my property are eligible. Is it at all possible that there is an error in Bell’s database that is causing my small stretch of eight or so houses to come up as ineligible? If this is a possibility, what would be a suggested course of action? I remember there used to be an option when signing up on the Teksavvy website to “Ignore validation errors” but that is no longer present on the new site. I called Teksavvy to try to sign up but the CSR I spoke with said her system was unable to bypass validation errors if it told her the service I wanted. She suggested cable but since Teksavvy Cable does not offer static IP’s or upload speeds that fit my needs it is not an option for me. Any suggestions either from other Teksavvy customers who may have had the same issue or from a Teksavvy employee would be greatly appreciated. Best regards,


TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON
Hello Twinge,

We do not have a schedule as to when areas will be upgraded however if people on your street can get it, it is more than likely possible that you can as well, but that the qualification tools have not been updated.

If you can PM me your address and contact info, I can make the inquiry to Bell for you.


TSI Andre
Director of Service Delivery
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reply to twinge
cable does give you a static IP. yes its technically dynamic but almost never changes unlike DSL. you will get better upload speeds on cable and no dry loop fees.
your house stretch might be too far from the newly installed node on your street. in this case you would not get the 25/10 anyway. best to switch to cable.


said by fluffybunny :

you will get better upload speeds on cable

...not with TSI's current cable offerings. Their fastest cable upload in Quebec is 2Mbps, and in Ontario it's 1Mbps. That's no comparison to up to 10Mbps on VDSL.