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Re: Courts

If a user finds an open wireless router and was able with or without the users knowledge use his or her internet access that consumer has now become an ISP towards that guest user who is currently using their network.

So in short the consumer who pays for his or her internet access cannot be sued for a user downloading illegal content over their connection. So the crime pertains towards the user who downloaded the illegal content not the provider of internet access which is the consumer and his provider who is Company A.

So using an IP as a means of identification is not only a very weak method it would also not hold up in court because at a certain point in time nobody unless your a network administrator and are looking at your router 24/7 will you be able to identify a breach with or without security nor will there be a way to trace it back.

Having a completely open network can be seen a negligence but for users who are still using WEP. The network is secured, and therefore not negligence on the users end. Regardless of how you feel about WEP or WPA as a means of security.