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Madison Heights, MI
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Re: WOW could use some faster speeds - PC MAG

everyone has valid points here, i can live with the 30 mb its the slow upload that is killing me... i do have to say that i work from home and use a ton of data on why i stick with wow.

I do agree the arris modem is a huge issue i got rid of ultra due to this being ajoke.. .i do stream hulu and apple tv. As for the price value i do have to question recent events i.e. outages across the whole state and for multiple hours. If they do have the cheaper product but cant deliver a reliable consistent connection i see no value in this product. Also they need to start adopting ipv6 very quickly, and fix the ultra tv issue... i would go back if i could DMZ or get a ethernet handoff for my router... also at the 50 mb speed you should get a sttic ip address and dont give me the BS there are a very valuable resource... i am sure wow is sitting on a ton of them just like oother isp's they want a premium for something they really doesnt cost them a thing..