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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to StuartMW

Re: Canada and the US Government hacked by China

said by StuartMW:

said by norwegian:

So the spam filters were not up to date?

Well spam filters are bypassed all the time. Spammers are constantly inventing ways of making their junk look legitimate. It's a constant battle just like it is for malware.

I've received some really good looking (well done) spam recently to an anonymous email account. It contains the usual links to malicious websites. There's always someone dumb enough to click on them.

I call that the "Ooooh Shiny" factor.

or when I worked in tech support I always stated that the worst threat to PC security is the "Yes Clicker", The common Yes Clicker can defeat even the strongest security system because if you entice them correctly they will click yes to just about anything.

Free iPads are common carrots to wave.
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