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Hazelwood, MO

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reply to silbaco

Re: Actually, I have to agree with Time Warner and At&t for once

Oh how silly you are.

So what I view as a need, you view as a want. Are we really going to have this debate? If you really want to get technical, we dont NEED electricty, we dont NEED a highway system and we dont NEED a civilized society. See how stupid your game is?

My AMD and Intel comment was pretty clear. Or at least I thought it was, but let me break it down to you so even a 1st grader can understand. YOU do not get to dictate what is a need or want for anyone other than yourself and those that you are directly in control of (kids). So with that, YOU do not get to say how we should expand for the future and at what pace we do so. So again, stop trying to act as though you get to determine those things.

Ah. So you can't debate worth a crap, you instead of debating the subject at hand, you debate about me and make petty insults? Interesting.



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Actually, Skippy25 and others have made some great points refuting your side of this issue, you just won't concede that they're good points.

It's never good to commit fallacies by attacking the debater but I'm not sure that I've seen those from Skippy25. Guess we should all look again and see those comments. Ok, I see what you're talking about.

Looks like Skippy25 got a bit frustrated that you're not acknowledging some good points.