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Fort Worth, TX
reply to BimmerE38FN

Re: D-Link - Substandard gear, substandard service

ISP is Charter, now a 30Mb level service. They provided the modem upgrade, which is a Moto 6121 Docis 3.0.

The D-Link was purchased to replace a nearly decade old Linksys WRT54G running custom firmware (Tomato) that had provided flawless service, but was obviously a choke point on the network.

It was anticipated that the D-Link would be handling 5+ computers (three hardwired, the others wifi / client boxen), 2 or more smartphones and the thermostat for the premises. Sadly it would just randomly conk out on resolving DNS.

Started the whole troubleshooting process with Charter, hoping it was the modem, but attaching that to a dedicated box with no router quickly showed it wasn't the problem.

From there it was D-Link hell, manually configuring, using the Wizard (ugh!), turning off UDP and TCP flood protection, you name it, we tried it.

After I sent that *#$%^! DSR off, I retrieved the Linksys, plugged 'er back in and haven't had an issue since.