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Boise, ID
reply to SamHillTX

Re: D-Link - Substandard gear, substandard service

Well I can tell you this that the Motorola SB 6 series modems are wonderful modems. Only think I would make sure is that the ISP signal line levels are correct going in to the modem. Garbage IN, Garbage OUT. Make sure there aren't any cable line splitters before the modem.

I'm thinking that you only have a few computers that need connectivity, that a SOHO class router would be better suited to your needs. Most SOHO class routers can handle this. I have a few of the DIR series and have about 20 devices, not on all at the same time however theres a few. If you need to add more wired devices later on, get you a external GB network switch to add on. They do wonders.

I believe the DSR series routers are meant for much better businesses and need various and specific services which these routers handle. I once considered getting into a DSR series for the home, however looking more closely at them and considering my needs, just didn't make sense. It was way over kill for what I need. This is possible in your case as well. I think the DSR class won't be in your best interest here.

Many of the SOHO class routers handle VPNs, general internet and some low end VOIP like Magic Jack that are not specifically needing VoIP hardware. My roommate works from home and has never complained about his VPN needs.

I would highly recommend getting into a good SOHO class router instead of the DSR series. The DIR series, mainly higher 8 series and 6 Series work well for SOHO. I've tested a few.


Fort Worth, TX
Again, thanks Bimmer, but it appears I'll be getting another DSR soon:
After meeting with product management/ warehouse department, the ETA for the DSN-250N is the week of October 14th. It's highly backordered because of high demand for this product.

Did you try returning your original unit to your point of purchase for refund or replacement? Returning to your point of purchase is highly recommended as they may have product in stock and the process is faster.

Once we have units available, we will send out your replacement asap. A tracking# will also be provided once sent.
The funny thing? If returning to my original PoP is so highly recommended, why wasn't that mentioned until now? /shakes head

Will let you know how it goes after the 14th.