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Sault Ste Marie, ON

[Mobile] Anything else I can do about feature discounts?


My current plan with Bell ends in June 2014.

I got my Bill the other day and noticed agreed upon discount were taken off (suppost to expire when the contract does).

The discounts are:
100 Free texts
25% off features.

I called bell, and was transfered to retentions who looked into the manner. They say they saw were I had talked to a rep regarding my contract renewal, and agree that I should still be getting the features. No dispute from them at all.

They put me on hold. When they came back they said while my contract did list the feature discounts, they were unable to re add them as they are no longer in the system, and they fell off my account(!).

The said there was nothing to they could do other than signing another contract then adding the discounts.

Is there anything else I can do about this? Isnt this a material change and I should be able to cancel without penalty?



They should be able to do something for you without signing a new contract.

And if not, you should be able to cancel the existing one without penalty. You may need to push them on that though, as I'm sure they'll try some scaremongering.


Verdun, QC
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When you call back, tell the agent you want to talk to the loyalty department. They are above the retentions department and have access to so many more discounts and options.

Hamilton, ON

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Check this link from April 07, 2012; here:

»News - Raising prices on contracts may be illegal

If BELL broke the contract, you should be able to sign up with any provider at no penalty to Bell.

Make sure that you understand ALL of the ramifications.

The CBC article is a story.

Make sure it is real!



Sault Ste Marie, ON

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reply to bushnerd0
thanks for the replies.

I am on the phone now with Bell. see how it goes.


Again I was on the phone for 45 mins. They are telling me that my corperate phone was change via negiation with my employer and Bell, and that changes my plan even though I have an agreement with them for another 16 months. They said the contract is still valid, and they would want $400.00 to exit the contract.

Is there anything else I can do? I looked at my last 3 bills and there is no notice of anything changing.