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Snohomish, WA
reply to bradyr

Re: News: Internet Data Caps

said by bradyr:

in my opinion, your typical non-throttling data cap does nothing to prevent node/plant congestion or to cure it where it already exists.

I mean, so okay, say i have a 300GB/month data cap. where does it say that I can or cannot burn all 300GB of my data during peak hours?

Lets say, Maybe i'm one of your "typical" households that only uses 50GB a month (for fear of maybe going over my quota).. I'm probably going to be burning through the majority of that 50GB during prime-time hours..

I just think that when the data caps are "just a number" and you can pay more money to increase that number, or get fined. But you're not being punished in other ways (throttled speeds, etc), anyone who thinks that is not strictly about making profit is sadly mistaken.

You certainly can choose to use it during prime time, in some places that MAY cause congestion...until you use up your quota, HOWEVER ComCast also has a throttling/prioritizing system to handle Continous use during congested times, and is attempting to add extra capacity in those areas to cover those hours of peak useage.
That's is part of the network growth built in to existing rate structures, but there is not funding for continous UNLIMTED growth. What some dis as 'PURE PROFIT/GREED' overage payments will in fact pay for (in aggregate) faster than expected growth due to higher than cap usage.
While some people suggest they should be allowed unlimited off-peak (since there maybe unused capacity idled at some times) the end user can't really tell/does a poor job of controlling total traffic and congestion.
ComCast's proposed cap spreads the extra cost to the heavest users and the usage sensitive priority throttling reduces domination of the shared path by a few users.
A reasonable solution.