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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI

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Re: Don't like the fee?

said by n2jtx:

said by Nightfall:

Buy your own modem. Problem solved.

Read it again:

Frontier Communications recently started charging everyone a $7 "modem support and warranty fee" whether you own your modem or not.

I myself still own my Optimum Online modem. If Optimum suddenly inserts a fee in my bill, they are getting a copy of the receipt for the modem.

The article was on Time Warner Cable, not Frontier. Otherwise I agree with you. Frontier is ripping people off. Time Warner's letter is simply that they are starting to charge for leased modems. If you want to buy your own, then there is a list of approved modems to use. This is all dictated in the letter.
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Frontier does not charge you if you own your own modem! Only for leasing theirs. They dont support the 3rd party modem or trouble shoot it. So if you own your own modem and it stops working tech support wont help you! I know I work for Frontier.