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Phillip M Dampier

Rochester, NY

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reply to Nightfall

Re: Don't like the fee?

Updated: Sorry, my bad. I went for the 6141 modem... the 6121 is not on the update list. It was $20 more and hard to find... out the door price is at least $100 for the 6141.

I have put up more information about this fee and quick reviews of the VERY limited choices TWC is giving customers as far as purchased cable modems go on Stop the Cap!:

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In short, buy a DOCSIS 3 modem no matter what, and buy sooner rather than later. Amazon has some good prices, but they won't last as the surge of new buyers arrive. I went for the Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem ($80) for these reasons:

1) Value for money: You can recoup this investment in about two years with TWC's new pricing scheme and have a D3 modem that will last at least five years before technology makes this obsolete.

2) Combo cable modem/routers are usually a bad idea and don't perform as well as standalone routers running third party firmware. I am keeping my Linksys N router running DDWRT thank you. The current D3 modem (Ubee) was a real pain with Wi-Fi so I have mine in bridge mode.

3) The D2 modems are not much less than the SB6121. The one wireless combo D2 modem is G only, and has gotten very mixed reviews.
Phillip M. Dampier
Editor, Stop the Cap!