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Greenville, TX
reply to silbaco

Re: Actually, I have to agree with Time Warner and At&t for once

You know what else is expensive? Lobbying! Paying your executives record profits!

Look, simply put, these companies are procrastinating it as far as possible.

You say they cannot do it because "fiber is expensive" - frankly, fiber is NOT that expensive. Do you know what is? The knowledge that is needed to accompany the installation. That being said, AT&T / TWC are huge corporations. They can easily train hundreds upon thousands of employees, get a cutting edge network built as well.

You think it costs TWC/AT&T more than Google to deploy a network? Are you insane? I'm sure it costs TWC/AT&T a lot less, because they already have a fiber backbone available. They should be able to contact their supplier and get more.

Expensive or not, who cares? It needs to be done. I'm willing to pay for it (if it was in my city) if they are getting the kind of requirements / provisions that google did. Nothing wrong with it, if TWC/AT&T will provide the speeds and amazing FTTH service, a one-time installation fee (and then free if you wish), $70 symmetrical service, etc.

If they abandon it, oh well. They got their two years of free reign, now let someone else take over.

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Billings, MT
said by LightS:

You know what else is expensive? Lobbying! Paying your executives record profits!

That's hitting it dead on.

If they'd knock off the lobbying bullsh*t, the U.S. would regain the #1 spot for broadband speeds *AND* availability. Even the rural and remote areas.

If the U.S. had a Multi-Terabit (several 10/40/100GigE) fiber bundles going across the upper, middle, and lower bands of the U.S. along with interconnecting bands going up and down on the west coast, central, and east coast (kind of like a 3x3 grid), it would be plenty of bandwidth for decades (or even the entire century) and decent redundancy in case a section of the grid goes down.

But.. If someone else has a better idea..
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