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TSI David
TSI David
Chatham, ON
reply to Teddy Boom

Re: [Cable] Which modem?


EDIT: Beat me to it

Teddy Boom
k kudos Received
Toronto, ON

Thanks David! The one time it was important that the sig works... Oh well, enough of this digression!

I'll add this though, had it typed up for another customer..

Of course the DCM476 does 8 channel bonding, while the SB6120 only does 4. This means the DCM will handle future speeds up to 120-160mbps without any trouble, where the SB will only handle 60-80mbps. Those are the practical limits that the cable companies will likely use, the technical limits are about double those numbers.

Other considerations.. Docsis 3 in general is in some flux. Rogers has been rolling out upstream channel bonding in the last year, and it turns out old wiring in Rogers network is causing Rogers problems. Upstream bonding is much more difficult to do right than single channel upstream.

These upstream problems have caused lots of discussion about supported firmwares and some speculation about what modems will get longer term support.. The SB and the SMCD3GN are built on the Puma5 chipset, and all newer modems (DPC3825, the new Rogers Hitron, the new Acanac Huwai, and the DCM47X) are built on a Broadcom chipset. That doesn't say anything conclusive, but it does sometimes make me worry a little. That said, I've just bought 40 Puma5 modems. I'm betting strongly that it will not be an issue. Also, I've got lots of customers working fine using Puma5 modems. You asked though :P