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SSID disappears

I have been having a helluva time with my wireless. My router is a Netgear WNR2000v3

I've exchanged computers, exchanged routers yet my problems persist. Besides not being able to exceed a wireless connection speed of 65Mbps (not ISP speed but connection speed between my device and the router) I have an extremely concerning problem.

My laptop will be connected wirelessly just fine for hours or longer and then I will notice a yellow sunburst over the wireless icon. Not the ! a *.

When this happens I am disconnected but more concerning is my SSID is gone, so I can't even reconnect. My SSID has disappeared from the list of available networks. I can see other neighboring networks but I can not see mine.

Some have said the it's the computer, but it has happened with two different computers. Some have said it is the router but it has happened with two different WNR2000s as I exchanged the first.

When it happens I have to shut off the wireless on the router and when it is turned back on the SSID reappears and the laptop connects.

I only have the one SSID listed in preferred networks. Can anyone help or is it a lost cause?

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