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[BC] Questions for ShawSean or other knowledgeable reps

Hi ShawSean hoping you will be far better asking than bothering to try phone support gambling on the rare time you get local higher levels that actually "know" something not just read scripts.

No rush as there are multiple questions

This is only an oddball interest question as so far it has worked out in my favour. But does the bandwidth usage metre 'possibly' not count traffic during certain times of the night or when the local nodes are well underused?

I ask because I also track usage through my USG router which has proven accurate on its own for tracking whatever usage I want and it almost is never even near to what the shaw usage page says. The only times it is close is when usage is really low in a month and everyones schedules line up to cause very little being watched on streaming services etc. late at night when things tend not be counted by shaws metre. 3 or 4 times in the past year when our usage was highest even going over the supposed limits on our package the difference between my router and shaws usage was off by as much as 80gig.

How might one go about getting a signal boost setup on the line heading to our house without going through a major process?

Ever since we moved in years ago and had a shaw contractor install new lines there have been repeated issues at certain times of the day/week with signals to any TV on the far side of the house with Analog and digital has been next to useless. Even the digital box on the street side of the house (shortest line and old to boot) often has annoying digital loss. Luckily after some upgrades in the area some time ago the analog worked much better until the summer when things started going south again for the longest cable line and no one really wanted to use the digital except for the guide. But now family WANTS the digital to be reliable and even started talking of moving to
telus when a rep came around. I want to switch us to the gateway system in a few months or so when money and other things are ready, but will not be able to talk family in to that investment until the current digital boxes work perfectly on the main tv's on the far side of the house. I can say I was told years ago that we were near borderline on our signal levels by a shaw tech and that if problems persisted I could have asked for a free booster to be installed back then.

I would like to upgrade to BB50 if the price difference is not that much from what I have now 'before' going to the full gateway tv package (currently on extreme). But do not know if it is possible to split up from the exo stuff and work with our current classic type package (even though I am sure it is all just red tape BS type reasons from
those in charge but I understand you guys have to follow). ***Most important I must be able to get a modem in bridged mode*** (since my current is too old according to other threads for BB50). Big thing is I can not tell what the price difference could possibly even be since the packages on the bill are always merged without the TV separate from Internet.

Barring the above possibility of BB50 I seem to remember an offer for extreme users to at least get extra monthly bandwidth tacked on to avoid worrying about the family making us go over and angering the shaw financial trolls. But do not know if that is still possible or price. Also would let me default some devices to a higher quality since there would be room to breath and we don't really 'need' that much extra speed anyway for now.

Compared to TV the internet has been strong and worked fine more than I would normally expect ever since we have been with shaw.

Thanks for any help... will check back as I do daily on this site as I know you will likely want some more information in a P.M.


1. If it is under reporting, don't worry about it. No charges are being based on the data yet anyways.

2. You can get a 2 way amp. The gateway would also work, as the signal is sent to the gateway at the entry point to the home, it then encodes the video as MPEG4 and broadcasts it to the portals via an in-home MoCA network overlaid on your coax at frequencies above 1GHz. This is then filtered from leaving your home. MoCA uses a pretty strong signal in my testing, so as long as the cabling in your home is half decent this could solve your problem. The installer would also be responsible for ensuring your gateway had acceptable levels.

3. You don't need to purchase extra bandwidth right now as the bump up program isn't yet in effect. BB50 would get you extra speed, and I love BB50, but if you don't want the speed don't worry about this yet.

4. Enjoy.