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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to peterboro

Re: Canadian comes home from Guantanamo

I found this person's comments rather interesting....

Born into a family which was legally in Canada, emotionally in Pakistan and philosophically in 8th century Arabia, his childhood could not be considered ‘normal’ by any standards.

Both his parents were religious fanatics (his mother still is, his father gave his life to conduct violent jihad). He was physically bumped around, from living in the ‘Secular West’ at some points to a Muslim school in Pakistan to terrorist training camps. His sister was given in marriage at the age of 15 to an Al-Qaeda buddy of her father (the wedding is said to have been attended by Osama himself), his brothers actively conducted violent jihad (not all survived), and so on.


He makes other interesting points too.



said by PX Eliezer7:


He makes other interesting points too.

Yet chooses to selectively ignore others. Read it.