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Richmond, BC

[BC] No picture on one channel - but only on some HD boxes

Here's an odd one. I just discovered that channel 266 (National Geographic Wild HD in BC) can be received properly on one of our HD boxes (a Motorola DCX3400), but on two other HD boxes (DCT3416 and DCT3412), we get sound, but no picture. The TV syncs up to the signal, but the picture is all black. This happens on both HDMI and component.

On the working one, it works fine - picture and everything.

I don't know if there are other channels like it, just we know it happens on that particular one. The other channels work perfectly fine.

Could it be due to the age of the boxes?


Victoria, BC
It's because mpeg2 was the standard when the first HD boxes came out. Mpeg4 is slowly making inroads (the mpeg4 codec uses less bandwidth and provides better picture quality).

It started a few years back when NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Centre Ice converted to it.

Now Sportsnet World and National Geographic are using mpeg4 too.

It's understandable why both the broadcaster and the cableco want to migrate to mpeg4. It sort of sucks for people with older boxes.

You're older Motorola boxes can't do mpeg 4

So far the dcx3200/3400, the gateways, and some of the PACE models can do mpeg4.

reply to tlhIngan
National Geographic Wild HD is in MPEG-4. The DCT3416 and DCT3412 are not MPEG-4 capable, so you will not see a picture on those terminals. I believe the only other MPEG-4 channels are Sportsnet World HD, and the NHL Centre Ice and NFL Sunday Ticket channels.


reply to tlhIngan
It is due to MPEG4 compression !