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Re: Canadian comes home from Guantanamo

I was looking up what happened to all the kids in gitmo and else-where. I never realized there were, so many aged 13 and up. Hundreds that are known of. Maybe thousands that are unknown of.

Kids murdered at gitmo or various other US torture houses.

Kids sent back home to be tortured further.

Kids sent to UNICEF (and others like UNICEF) for child soldier rehabilitation.

I read as many of their stories that I could muster. It hit me a little bit.

If they weren't murdered by their American torturers, they were re-tossed into torture or prisons where they came from, some made it, some snapped and became suicide bombers. It's all over the board.

Some kids were just picked up off the streets and sold to the Americans for 10$, then they ended up being tortured, or died, or let go 8 years later.

It's mind numbing how many there were. And how many were just randomly picked up and labeled.

A true American atrocity committed. A crime that no one will ever punish. But History at least is documented.

I think the only "rants" I came across that made sense to me was those by Canadian Senator, Roméo Dallaire in defending the child soldiers.

He himself have worked with them in Rwanda and else-where.

I don't know about the rest of you, but that is one Senator that commands respect when he speaks. He put down the Canadian government as well in regards to their obligations to Child soldiers and Canada's responsibility to Kadhar. And has been for years.

It's sad really.

As said above, these kids have seen things, been through things in a short period of time that many of you people who frown upon them will never (luckily) get to experience in a whole life time.