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reply to peterboro

Re: Canadian comes home from Guantanamo

said by peterboro:

said by Wolfie00:

Agreed. Particularly with the misappropriation of the "child soldier" designation.

The label "child" itself is a misnomer. He is 15. Old enough regardless of indoctrination to know what he was doing.

He started at age 11. He had no clue. He was serving his dad.
Fits UN definition for age 15 and under (he was only captured at age 15, keep that in mind), as the UN stated.
UNICEF I do believe is either 15 or 17
Other treaties label them 17 and younger.

All of which Canada honours, and is part of. Thus the reason Canada will recruit at 17, but not deploy them till 18 in Canada (and I do believe the states as well). Because the fit the label of child soldier otherwise.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

There are also a few other treaties or conventions in regards to this as well, that we are part of.