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[BC] dropped internet when gaming

SMC8014 drops internet connection when gaming every 2 to 15 minutes. This issue occurred in mild form first time just after installation (about 5 months ago) but is now extreme, to the point that I cannot play game. Technical crew was here x2 to find problem earlier (tightened connections and that helped only a little), and on line speed test confirms up and down loads are meeting specs.Connection to pc is hard, to laptop is wireless, and both drop out simultaneously. I have some disconnects when non-gaming, but these are few and irregular. What is the problem?


Calgary, AB
This sounds like the route portion of the SMC8014 can not handle the packet load when gaming. I would get this modem into a bridge mode and get your own WiFi router.


reply to Rollover
I would suggest you see if ShawSean can exchange you to a motorola non-wifi modem (SB5120 or such) and then get your own gaming-grade home router with wifi as required. I personally believe in managing my own home networking equipment.