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Re: C'mon TekSavvy - Bring back your POTS offering

Since the Teksavvy people haven't figured out a way to stop selling mid-month...

How about this. Assign one employee to task of making transfers from Bell. This is the only employee who is allowed to make this type of sale. Have that employee go through the waiting list each month up until the allowed number of transfers is reached. The employee can contact the people on the waiting list, ask if they still want to switch, then set everything up.

Give the other salespeople the ability to add to the waiting list, and to tell potential customers how long the list is, and estimate how many months they will have to wait.

The waiting list doesn't have to be fancy. It can be a text document. It might be a little tricky to make it accessible to several people, or track changes on it, but surely you have some sort of intranet, or way to share information?

Is that so hard? Why is it taking several months to figure this out?


Stoney Creek, ON
reply to HopingHoping
I just tried to transfer my home # as well and got the same deal.
Bell won't tell you why and gives you the run around. Says the order wasn't place properly, or that the number couldn't be ported. On TekSavvy side the first reps didn't know why the order wasn't going through till the third one told me about the stop sale. I am not sure about the VoIP service. Need to convince the wife

Scarborough, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to HopingHoping
Just as an FYI everyone and I told this to the Tek rep when I signed up.

Telus cannot port numbers from Bell either.

I was told when we switched from Bell to Telus for everything (PRI, T1s, cellular, LD, conferencing) that they could not port our 1FL's (landlines) for the same reason.

This isn't just Tek. This is affecting others as well.

In fact, that was back in October 2012. I queried them again in late Feb 13, and the answer was the same.


reply to HopingHoping
I'm no expert on the subject, but judging from Bell's prices for basic service, calling features, and long distance plans (many of which are obviously designed to overlap in such a way that it's difficult for a consumer to determine which one is cheaper for their needs), it seems to me that they must make a big percentage of their overall profits from POTS. Hell, their rates are so high compared to VOIP that anyone who makes more than a handful of long-distance calls pretty much has to purchase a long-distance plan to "save money". Blatantly greedy.

No surprise that Bell has clamped down the practice of porting to other telephone providers. They probably just allow the bare minimum of portings to avoid being charged with ant-competitive behavior.