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Comcast Employee
Philadelphia, PA
reply to brianapp6

Re: [Speed] Slow & stalled UK & EU websites for the past week on

said by brianapp6:

on 10/2 I am up to 50k/sec. Something helped but I wouldn't call it fixed. A 50kbps connection costs a lot less than the 6mbs connection I am paying for. Maybe my bill should start reflecting this. Although it is just one site in my case it may represent an issue with a whole region or country as far as I know. I just don't know the geographic locations of other sites to test the boundaries of the issue. That is for the people who get paid to maintain this service to figure out.

Brian, as mentioned in my direct message the 800M file problem seems to be isolated to this site and may be limitations in how many broadband downloads they can support at the same time. I've had people try this from different ISPs and the speeds range greatly across the board depending on time of day. As a reference point, we've also seen 20k/sec from 75M FiOS connections at different times.

I've also asked SteveTeow See Profile to reach out to you directly to address your expectations around your bill.