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Stargate Universe fan

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reply to hobgoblin

Re: Don't like the fee?

my bad. (gosh, the older I get, the flakier my memory gets).

I thought I read something along the lines of, no more (as in additional, as in if you're beginning service) customer supplied modems, but if you have one already, you could continue to use it. Ergo, not in so many words, but phasing out of allowing customer modems. I'm thinking, you must have at least written no more credit, that it's no longer a line item and modem is included in the price. And admittedly it's been a few months since I looked closely at my bill (usually I just look at "the bottom line," and it hasn't increased), but at least I used to see a -$3.00 line item.

The credit (or lack of charge, when it WAS a separate line item) for supplying my own modem is the primary motivator for me buying one. Without it, the reasons would be technical, as in for example I like the performance of some model.

I apologize for any misunderstanding. just sayin' that's my recollection, and I did not research the TW (RR) forum before writing.

And as for support, yeah, it's been pretty good. I was commenting on it more from a cost basis, that it doesn't seem to me like it should be much different, renting/leasing or customer supplied.

I just heard a news story on WHAM-AM about this. Part of their stated reason of needing to charge the modem fee is that some people never return theirs. That seems kind of silly, at least for a reason. Like some other services, just state up front if you don't give it back, you'll be charged $X, and if you don't pay up, it goes to collections, just like any other unpaid bills.