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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

Apple's Siri, Google's Voice Recognition Technology Target

The patent summary:'
An off-site data entry system comprises a computer device located at a dictation station, the computer device comprising a means to accept voice dictation from a user. The device further comprises a converter means which functions to convert the voice dictation from analog to digital status, a means to compress the voice dictation, and a means to pass the digital representation of the voice dictation to a plurality of memory registers. The system also comprises a means to telephonically transmit the voice dictation to a transcription station, the transcription station that includes at least one human transcriptionist. The system then routes the voice dictation to an available transcriptionist who has the ability to buffer the voice dictation, wherein the digital representation of the dictation is addressed by software, which allows such to be delayed, rewound, and advanced while simultaneously receiving and storing additional real-time voice dictation. The transcriptionist listens to the voice dictation through usage of an audio output device and types the dictation information into a computer device. The system then includes a means to telephonically transmit the typed text transcription back to the user giving dictation, as well as a means to instantly display the transcription on a monitor at the computer device of the user giving dictation functioning to create a system whereby the user speaks into the computer device and views spoken words on the monitor while speaking. Finally, the system provides a means for the user giving voice dictation to print the typed text transcription on any document including those bearing previously printed information.
I'm sure Apple, Google, et al are trembling in this patent. Or not since there isn't at least one human transcriptionist. Or one that listens to it through an audio output device. I'm not even sure if "telephonically transmit" is technically applicable either.

Most patent trolls are at least somewhat close with the patent or the patent is so overly broad that it covers just about everything. This one is specific enough and fails at multiple points that it'll be very quickly tossed out.