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Oh Did I Offend You
reply to jabarnut

Re: [NFL] Week 5 Games Discussion

The NY Jets, a team that is 2-2, but beset with injuries that is going nowhere and has to choose between a playboy quarterback who can't throw accurately and a good-looking virgin who can't throw at all? I can't help but root for them.

My pick this week is the Eagles over the Steelers.

The Philadelphia Eagles have won this season, despite Michael Vick's inconsistent play. They are 3-1, thus far, and given the level of panic you would think they were 1-3. The Steelers don't look invincible on defense any longer and will be hard pressed to make the play offs.

The GOTW will be NE vs Broncos. I love Peyton but he's not yet in sync to play Brady.

My upset will be Saints over the Chargers.
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Lansing, MI
NE Broncs will be interesting.

Peyton is nothing if not a competitor. He very well could rise to an occasion.

Light Years Away
Galaxy M31
Yeah, enough about the Jets for now. (Oops..I just mentioned them again).
Anyway, I'm looking forward to that Broncos at Patriots game too. (Sure wish they were playing in Denver). But I agree if anyone can rise to the occasion, it would be Manning.
They're still bringing it together and trying to click on all all cylinders (which I really think they'll do eventually). But there's nothing more I'd like than to see Peyton and the boys go into New England and destroy the Pats.
Man, I was praying when he was picking a team to play for, it would have been the Jets. (Oops...sorry, there I go again).
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Jefferson City, MO
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reply to capdjq
said by capdjq:

My upset will be Saints over the Chargers.

Yuppers! And it will be a high-scoring game as well!