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Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA
reply to workablob

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 --- What benifits over W7-64?

said by workablob:

Plummet was a bit extreme.

I believe 8 will be as successful on the PC especially corp PC as Vista.

I had no problem with Vista and 7 was basically Vista done properly.

Our company is in the process of deploying 7 to get rid of XP so we milk the OS for as long as possible.


I agree. 8 does have advanced deployment, volume, and manageability enhancements over past versions that may be very attractive. I would fully expect much settling of dust before reputable CIO's look at possibilities of upgrading, though. It may be possible that "9" is released before the cycle comes, much like 7 and Vista's proximity sealed Vista's fate in the corporate world.
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