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Hollywood, FL

There IS a fair and equitable solution...

... and it goes something like THIS:

AT&T? TWC? Here's the NOC Google built on city property, and here's a nice shiny rack waiting for your fiber switch. Your fiber bundles can enter over there, and run through this conduit. Install your 10/40/100GigE fiber switches & routers, install the cross-connects and peer with the customers, and you can sell services to Google's customers over the same fiber Google laid.

Good luck trying to get anyone to pay $54/month for 18mbps down/1mbps up Uverse FTTH, though, considering that anyone with fiber there can get faster internet connectivity for free, and a few bucks more will buy them connectivity that makes 18/1 look like dialup by comparison.

TWC? With some HyperMegacheapSupermassivelyDiscountedChannelBundling, you might be able to compete if you charge $50/month more than Google for TV, but deliver every premium and HD channel known to exist somewhere in the free world, and offer the channels at Blu-Ray bitrates with 32-bit 192khz PCM surround audio.

Oh, you mean you just want the right to cherry-pick FTTC and cable markets? Go to hell, and come back when your plans for the markets you want to cherry-pick include gigabit fiber to the home and open peering with Google (so Google can offer internet and TV over YOUR fiber, just like you can offer internet and TV over theirs). Fair is fair, after all...