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Las Vegas, NV
reply to TheThing

Re: No more good MMORPGs coming out?

I'll never knock an MMO until I've at least played all the way to max level and either run some dungeons or raids.

Getting a character to level 10 and quitting and then complaining about how there's no "end game" is beyond retarded.

Belgrade, MT

Ill admit I only got to level 30 before quitting. However, the unlocked abilities on both characters I got felt really underwhelming. I did some Hidden Mists or whatever PvP and got to play around with an 80. I was really, really disappointed with what I found. All my Elemantalist skills felt droll and had very long cool downs.

Even on the Guardian it felt like I was given all my abilities so soon. I know there were a ton of utility skills that I could have unlocked, but none of them seemed particularly exciting, not to mention spending skill points Willy nilly seemed counter productive considering you needed to use them to craft or purchase end game items.

Talking PvP, nothing felt concrete. Nothing made me feel like my actions were particularly strong or powerful. Everyone just seemed to be button mashing. There was no synergy to your abilities. I didn't feel like I needed to stun or fear my opponent to start a chain of powerful attacks. Rather, I just swapped between attinements and used skills as they came off CD. I had no resources to manage other than my health.

I'm not saying the game wasn't awesome, but it didn't make me feel like playing it was going to invoke a lot of thought. I didn't run through various builds on my head. Talent points just provided passives and buffs to stats that inspired very little creativity. I missed the hybrid builds of WoWs golden era.

Fights just felt boring. Dodge dodge kite whatever. Same moves every single fight, and nothing to look forward to in 50 levels! Or maybe I unlock some low damage 30cd skill? Come on.

Mounts are fun. And I still did a lot of tmtunning around, especially when grouped with someone trying to come to my quest zone as a different race. Sure, I can travel to their home city, but then I have to run tun run through 5 zones to get there.

Not to mention doing 100% map completion on lowbie zones. That's a lot of wasted time running.
Jobbie told me to keep my signature the same. This is me rebelling.

Calabash, NC
reply to Ghastlyone

said by Ghastlyone:

Getting a character to level 10 and quitting and then complaining about how there's no "end game" is beyond retarded.

Well, I'm not one to complain about endgame content, but I quit RIFT after getting 2 toons to lvl 20 I think, because it was just so dull and boring. I'm not going to sink even MORE time into it if the grind to 20 was horrible, I could only imagine what the grind to cap would've been.

The problem with mmorpg's is they will all be compared to WoW, even if they're not remotely the same.

Personally, I would love to see a Transformers MMO, I think that would be cool, but would only appeal to TF fans.