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West Tenness
reply to axus

Re: BS from the anti-6 strikes side

said by axus:

You don't have to prove your guilt or innocence to police. You aren't going to talk your way out of getting arrested, that's based on what they observe.

If you get arrested for child molestation, even if you're 100% innocent you're not going to look that way for a LONG time.

The fact that legally you are INNOCENT until proven guilty doesn't mean you can not be accused of committing crime so how is this different.

Nobody has a problem defending themselves in court. The problem is a process that bypasses the courts

You want to go to court over a fucking letter that doesn't even have any teeth? Seriously?

and has ISPs making quasi-legal judgments, when they aren't an impartial observer.

Police arrest you because they think you are guilty of a crime even though you haven't been to court. They are making judgments are they not? And face it cops are hardly impartial.

If you're falsely accused once by an automated process, it's likely that the broken process which accused you will repeatedly generate the same result. That's why you need an independent judge/jury to analyze the process, instead of being judged by the same company that made the broken process in the first place.

Hyperbole. I'm sure plenty of people will claim they have been falsely accused. Most of them are full of shit. 100% of those accused of rape say they were falsely accused, maybe 2% actually are.

Maybe we should abolish rape laws so those 2% don't suffer needlessly. Oh hey hyperbole is awesome!


Washington, DC
Rape laws are fine, a judge and jury will need to be convinced by DNA evidence, testimony, etc. It's fine to be arrested for a crime you didn't commit, as long as you have bail, a speedy trial, and the other protections that America was created for.

I don't see being arrested as a punishment. It's a system for holding you in custody (arrest) until it's almost sure that you will appear in court, or it's obvious that court is not needed. Nobody should be prejudged for merely an arrest.

People can judge you in their mind for evidence that led to the arrest. If there's a kid telling everyone you molested them, schools/daycares/whatever should err on the side of caution. An ISP isn't being harmed when MPAA is telling everyone you're uploading their movies.

ISPs are already sending letters out to people accused of infringement. That's great, the innocent are informed that something is making them look bad and track it down, the guilty get a chance to stop what they are doing. By all means, keep sending the letters. It's the internet disconnections I have a problem with.