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West Chester, PA

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My Verizon Fios Experince. I couldn't make this up!

Originally ordered Fios TV/Internet September 2nd, with an installation date of September 7th.

9/6: 3:30pm, Receive an email saying my installation date has be changed to September 11th.

9/10: 7:00pm, Receive a voicemail saying there is an equipment issue at my complex, all the connections are in use, and it will be up to 30 days because an engineer must come out and add extra connections.

9/11: 8:00am, Verizon technician shows up for the 9/11 appointment that was cancelled by Verizon.

9/24-9/25, Verizon engineer is out at the complex, I ask him if he is adding extra connections for my unit. He said yes that is what he was doing.

9/25, Reschedule my installation yet again for today 10/3, 8-12am.

10/3, No technician arrives, I am on online chat for 45 without a simple answer as to whether he is coming. I have a supervisor call me.

10/3, The supervisor tells me they won't add more connections at the building until they have more customers signed up. (So they want to put even more people through this!?)

In conclusion, it has been over a month since I ordered Fios. I have had 3 appointments, the tech showed up for the one they cancelled, and didn't show up for the on I scheduled, and I am now informed 31 days later that they won't be providing me service unless other units in my complex order. How ridiculous is this!????


Pomona, CA
Bad engineering didnt plan enough capacity properly. Sad to say, this will be an increasing trend as more areas get saturated. Specifically an issue in MDU

Woodbridge, VA
reply to dennis885
You need to contact the executive relations department to light a fire under their Butts.
They've already agreed to install FiOS. They need to install what is needed to give you service. Otherwise they should have never signed you up.

They were dragging their feet with my upgrade to 150/65. The equipment I was connected to was faulty and they supposedly knew it was from years ago. So they were dragging their feet in replacing it, meanwhile all m y services were down. The Executive relations department got the ball rolling and the new equipment was suddenly put in place only after I contacted them and they talked to the proper people.


West Chester, PA
reply to dennis885
Well after trying to cancel my order for 30 minutes, I finally spoke to someone in the retention who agreed with how ridiculous this is. She claimed she will report it to the proper people, and offered me a free month once it is available.

Its a fair offer, but after this mess, I think I'm going to run as far away from Verizon as possible and never look back.


Lawrence, NY
·Verizon FiOS
Check with your local government to find which tier of government has the franchize agreement that covers your locality. Contact them to see if VZ is permitted to deny service under the terms of that agreement and, if so, for what reasons they are permitted to deny service. You may find that the franchizing authority will go to bat for you.

reply to dennis885
Hello, Dennis. I apologize for what you've gone through and want to help resolve the matter. I've private messaged you so if we can help you out in any way please reply to the PM. Thanks! ^trav