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Cleveland, OH
reply to txpatriot

Re: No basis for a complaint

Those rules will never see the light of day. The problem with that is the FCC lakes control over the Internet. the Internet was defined by them by Information Services NOT communication services.

The FCC's job also was NEVER to police the Internet nor TV, nor Telephone. They're job was to police the airwaves for radio stations. Instead it's expanded and now they just do what they want when they want. 95% of their "rules" can be over turned in court if people really wanted to push them. And Companies do that know that the FCC is over steping its boundries.


I agree that there is no statutory authority for the NN rules, but that's just my opinion.

We'll have to see what the Court says. But I disagree that the FCC has no statutory authority over telephone service. That's exactly what Title II of the Communications Act gives them.

Telcos may not be happy about that, but that's the fact.