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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to xenophon

Re: Deutche Telekom finally gets to dump T-Mobile

said by xenophon:

Yeah, this is more about DT dumping Tmob rather than the merger allowing them to be more competitive. The real test will be if Tmob stops the loss of customers after the merger.

The ONLY way to that goal is lowering prices.. and offering much more prepaid flexibility... on par with what Tracfone MVNO companies do today (trac,net10/straight talk).. they have prepaid minutes that scale as low as 4cents/min and unlimited feature phone plans at around $25-$30... Metro once offered an unlimited feature phone plan for $25 a month. There are a whole lot of customers who would be recaptured in this tier... and many more who want a smart phone, but can live with slower data (1-5 megabits). These are prices where VOIP edges out on the high end of cost..

My main concern is MANY people complain about the bad service of MetroPCS... and if Tmobile handles this badly, that can throw upwards of 3-5 million customers into the hands of Sprint, Tracfone MVNOs (which are guess who??? a combination of Sprint, AT&T and Verizon). It's gonna take a miracle not to bungle this the way Sprint did with Nextel.. so good luck!