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You kids get offa my lawn
San Jose, CA
reply to cdru

Re: New Nest Thermostat- 2 stage

said by cdru:

said by Ken:

It's basically the same market as Apple products. People that want advanced technology but don't want to learn indepth knowledge in order to use advanced technology.

You're right about the same market as Apple products, but not for the reason you state. It's in the same market as Apple products because some people have an overwhelming desire to pay a premium for shiny thing that isn't functionally better than cheaper alternatives, but just because it's shiny. A coworker just yesterday saw the new Nest and said he would be willing to pay double for it just because it looks so good.

Oh my. I wish my technically inclined brethren would celebrate the application of technology to make things easier.

I'm sure that you guys all adjust your spark advance and retardation manually while you drive your vehicles, of course monitoring your fuel pressure for optimum performance. Not to mention those weekly lube jobs and brake adjustments.

I'm positive that you toast all your bread manually, not daring to trust something as silly as a bimetallic strip to make your toast perfectly brown.

I would be flabbergasted to hear that wash all your dishes and clothes with a machine instead of carefully by hand, examining each item carefully for any signs of contamination and wear. You wouldn't want to trust something as precious as clothes and dishes to the precarious whims of timers and microprocessors.