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Brookings, SD

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Some wiring questions for a remodel project.

So I am working on my kitchen. We have a wall in the shape in the shape of an L that we took out and turned into a half wall that we are going to turn into a breakfast bar.

Just to help clarify the project, the wring that ran to the wall(now gone) all came from the attic. So we had a few problems when trying to get wiring here. Now we decided that we would just run a new line from the service panel to the half wall. We had to cut out some of the drywall in the basement to do so but it was a fairly easy job.

Also, we had 2 light switches that were running to the old wall. We had to relocate these switches to the nearest wall to the switch. Now in order to do this I had to go in the attic which has blown insulation and rolled up there. I pulled the 2 switch wires up and then drilled a couple of holes and then fished the wires down the already finished walls where we had cut out holes for the new switch location.

Now I know that wiring codes vary from place to place but I do know we follow the NEC. My first question is basically was it OK for me to relocate the switches like I did? None of the wires are secured with staples or anything like that and I am not sure if this is normally allowed. I am just wondering basically if the Inspector will have a problem with this.

Next, I want to actually install about 6-8 pot lights in the kitchen and take out a couple of lights that are in there. I was originally thinking that I could just run wires off of the two lights that are already up there, but after messing with stuff I realized that most of the wires in my home are not grounded or have no ground in them. I should also note that none of the wires in the attic seem to be secured in any way. They are basically just run over the joists. After doing some searching I am under the impression that this is OK to do in the attic. But, back to the lights, since none of the wires are grounded and I have plenty of space in my electrical panel I thought I could maybe just fish a wire up to the attic through a wall and run a whole new line just to the pot lights. again though I am not sure if code would allow this. Thanks for reading and helping out my situation. I hope I explained this well enough.

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp

Re: Some wiring questions for a remodel prodject.

Short answer is 'yes' to both your questions.

The wires do not need to be secured in walls where the wires are fished (like you did), and running a new wire up for the lights is perfectly acceptable.

As much of a problem as it will be, I'd suggest carefully examining the wiring in the ceiling to make sure that it is 'safe', meaning if it is the existing wiring, that it has not been damaged by all the crawling around.
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Brookings, SD
reply to bigbuffs
Thanks for the reply John. I should say that I am doing my best to keep the existing wiring safe. There is not a lot of room up there and with the insulation it is hard to see where all the wires are but I am doing my best. I should say that while I was up there I found a junction box that did not even have a cover on it laying in the insulation. I of course went to the store and bought a cover for it. I can't image that that would have been considered OK even when they did the wiring for the house back in the 60's.

So if I run a new wire up to the attic for the lights, do I need to secure the wires in the attic or is it OK for me to leave them loose like the rest of the wires up there? Will the inspector need to see this or look in the attic to inspect this?

Farmington, MI
Yes, you should retain the wires out of harm's way, but those existing wires will likely have to be put up, too, if the inspector sees it.